"Sun Setting on the Tyrol" by Alois Arnegger


35" x 44"

Signed lower right Alois Arnegger was born in 1879 in Vienna. He studied at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Vienna under the instruction of Robert Russ (1867-1922) and August Eisenmenger (1830-1907). It was here he developed his skills as a portrait and landscape painter. At the beginning of his career he was known for his painting of Austrian landscape scenes. However, he traveled to Italy in the 1920s and became enamored by the Mediterranean coast. This motivated him to paint many scenes from the Mediterranean landscapes and coastlines–brilliant and vibrant views of Capri, San Remo and Naples. The constant change in seasonal and climatic variations of the rural regions intrigued Arnegger, who painted the same subjects over and over in different weather and conditions. Later in his life, Arnegger returned to his homeland of Austria where he continued to paint landscapes and Alpine scenes. Arnegger was best know for his beautiful sunset Alpine snow scenes. He died in his hometown of Vienna in 1963. Arnegger’s works have sold in galleries around the world including New York, Stuttgart, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Munich and Chicago. His son Gottfried Arnegger was also a painter. The vibrancy of the colors is painted with soft brushstrokes showing tonal values throughout the landscape.